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Scientists can now remove microplastics from our water with 94 per cent efficiency | Waterloo News

Chemist makes breakthrough discovery with plastic alternative: 'This is very special'

Marine biologist issues dire warning nearly two decades after initial discovery: 'We can't carry on'

Lake Tahoe littered with thousands of plastic bag, bottle, and toy pieces


Sustainable private equity: investing in plastic circularity and its opportunities | Lombard Odier

Tackling microplastics and water pollution with magnetic "rust" - Advanced Science News


How to rethink our toxic relationship with plastic ?

Not just for pandas: China bets on bamboo in green transition from plastics

Shocking new report reveals 'hidden hazards' of using plastic bottles

New Zealand becomes first country to ban single-use produce bags at grocery stores

New study reveals deeply upsetting truth about plastic trash: 'The findings are disturbing'

Scientists convert everyday plastics into fully recyclable and potentially biodegradable materials

Plastic production could be about to come to a juddering halt

Just How Much Microplastics Are There in Switzerland’s Waters?

How a Cling Wrap Made With Potatoes Will Solve the World’s Plastic Problem

"Significant global ecological disruption": Plastic is destroying Earth — and recycling won't help

EU calls for agreement on global rules to end plastic pollution

Three ways to solve the plastics pollution crisis

Explained: What Is Biotransformation Technology And How Can It Make Plastics Biodegradable

Scientists make 'disturbing' find on remote island: plastic rocks

Horrifying new disease linked to consuming plastics in Australia

This is what we should do about microplastics

Detecting and catching microplastics in our tap water using light

Everyone knows single-use plastic is bad for the environment, so why do we keep making more?

Scientists Create Biodegradable Plastic Using Solar Energy - EcoWatch

In just two decades the amount of microplastics has tripled on the seafloor

New EU Plastic Waste Ban Could Finally End Mini Hotel Toiletries and Single-Use Food Containers

EU Protects: How the EU is turning the tide on plastic waste

How major oil firms will try to block the world’s first plastic pollution treaty - Thred Website

Plastic: Talks on a global treaty begin – DW – 11/28/2022

Whales ingest millions of microplastic particles a day, study finds

From Droughts to Floods, Water Risk Is an Urgent Business Issue

‘An invisible killer’: how fishing gear became the deadliest marine plastic

Race for Water Newsletter October 2022

This Amazing Device is Cleaning Up Our Waterways | Flipboard

Plastic pollution may have met its match: The saliva of wax worms

#1 An endangered ecosystem - Plastic and the Marine World

Environmental technologies in focus on World Maritime Day 2022

A sea change for plastic pollution: new material biodegrades in ocean water

The End of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch | The Ocean Cleanup

California becomes first state to test drinking water for microplastics

Microplastics Removal by IMS Efficient Compared To Other Methods

Scientists finally found an efficient way to recycle plastic foam

Opinion | Beyond Plastics: How Much Do We Love Life?

UpLink made a call for solutions to tackle plastic pollution

#3 Recycled and Biodegradable Plastics - Plastics & The World of Toxicity

Capturing the plastic waste opportunity | Lombard Odier

#5 Urgent need for systemic changes - Plastic & The World of Chemicals

#1 Plastic's components - Plastic & The World of Chemicals

#1 Endocrine Disruptors - Plastics & The World of Toxicity

Recycling innovation turns mixed waste into premium plastics with no climate impact

Viruses Can Survive in Freshwater by "Hitchhiking" on Microplastics

Plant-based plastic strong as PET, degrades into sugars in the environment

Racing for Clean Seas

Scientists unveil bionic robo-fish to remove microplastics from seas

Bottlespotter – Monitoring of water pollution

Biologically active slow sand filter as the most effective way to remove nanoplastics

Catalyst Julia Bodin (SDGs 12&14)

Edible kelp packaging and plastic-free insulation

World's plastic waste mapped from space for the first time

The massive, unregulated source of plastic pollution you’ve probably never heard of

Engineers Create an Enzyme That Breaks Down Plastic Waste in Hours, Not Decades

Everyday Plastic Products Release Trillions of Microscopic Particles Into Water

[Infographic] Samsung Electronics’ Efforts To Reduce Marine Pollution in a Nutshell

Bags that dissolve when they come into contact with water.

10 ways to rethink plastic through technology

UN Treaty On Plastic Pollution: A Global Action Plan - Impakter

World's first legally binding global treaty to slash plastic pollution

A new ‘supercritical water’ approach to recycling plastic packaging waste

Calling all scientists, researchers, analysts and holders of traditional knowledge

Automated technology could be used to monitor ocean pollution

Chemical pollution has now passed safe planetary limit, scientists say

Eco-friendly plastics made from sugars boast "unprecedented" properties

Microplastic pollution lingers in rivers for years before entering oceans

Seaweed based biodegradable material designed "to make packaging disappear"

Plastic bags could be repurposed into eco-friendly fabric for army uniforms, sports apparel

How counting nanoplastics can help clean up the environment

Is plastic trash in the middle of the ocean becoming a new kind of island habitat?

8 inspiring innovations that are helping to fight plastic pollution

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is Becoming Home to New Creatures

New global policy centre launched during COP26 to tackle the world’s plastic pollution problem

Protective Shield Against Microplastics Produced by Tap Water

Using Magnets to Remove Microplastics from Water

Next steps to tackle plastic waste

Washing clothes releases thousands of synthetic micro fibres

What are our top tips to reduce plastic pollution? | Lombard Odier

Just 20 firms behind more than half of single-use plastic waste - study

8 amazing solutions to stop plastic flowing into the world’s oceans

Sri Lanka faces disaster as burning ship spills chemicals on beaches

Twenty plastic-busting inventions to clean our rivers and seas

Indonesia is seeking innovative solutions to its plastic pollution problem

Waste and Blue Economy CWWA 2020 Presentation - C Corbin

Where plastic waste in oceans is coming from

Drones for Trash Clean Up in Waterways Could Save the Oceans

Scientists Develop Biodegradable Plastic That Easily Breaks Down With Just Heat And Water

Experts meet to reduce waste and prevent plastic pollution

How filter-feeding bivalves could be used to clean up microplastics

Race for Water | A new shipowner for the Race for Water


The Plastics Pipeline: A Surge of New Production Is on the Way

Deadliest catch: Thailand's 'ghost' fishing nets help Covid fight

India's National Institute of Ocean Technology Develops Biodegradable Plastic Using Marine Seaweed

Meet the next generation turning the tide on plastic pollution

Innovative Plastics Recycling Process in Alliance with Mura Technology

Textile makers go green in battle against micro-plastic waste

A new study offers a number of technological solutions tackling plastic pollution

Deadliest plastics: bags and packaging biggest marine life killers, study finds

Nestle invests in Startup Timeplast for Alternative Packaging Technologies

Report: Pollution is the Largest Environmental Cause of Disease in the World Today

Episode 1: Turning the Page | HSBC Clean Waterways Programme

Plastic in paradise: Goldman prize winner's fight to protect Bahamas

Japan and UNDP sign $3 million grant to combat plastic waste pollution in Kingdom - Khmer Times

Q&A: Reflecting on Kenya’s single-use plastic bag ban three years on

Meet the Expert Webinar - We must reduce and RETHINK PLASTIC OUR HEALTH IS AT RISK !

AFRICA: UKRI funds research projects against plastic pollution | Afrik 21

How do microplastics in the ocean accumulate?

Joshua Klein: A thought experiment on the intelligence of crows

Truth Behind the Trash: 'America Recycles Day'

Better disposable coffee cups

Babies May Be Drinking Millions of Microplastic Particles a Day

US EPA Trash-Free Waters Program

Millions of Plastic Bottles Will Be Offset as Remote Town Gets Renewable Source

Important information for all the members of the Water Guardian Experts Community

Special Report: Plastic pandemic - COVID-19 trashed the recycling dream

New super-enzyme eats plastic bottles six times faster

'Failing or close to it': Environmental organization gives cruise industry poor report card

Microplastics from Japanese surface waters get sampled

Micro- and nanoplastics detectable in human tissues

Market with Reusable Water Bottle Made from 50% Transformed 'Trash'

Evaluating scenarios toward zero plastic pollution

This boat made from plastic waste is on a mission to end ocean pollution

MICRO2020, Fate and Impacts of Microplastics: Knowledge and Responsibilities

Thousands of Tons of Microplastics Are Falling from the Sky

“The Ocean is life, freedom, adventure, discovery, our future.” – Race For Water

Free virtual screening of Microplastic Madness for World Ocean's Day

Fish Waste to Create a Unique Alternative to Plastic

Improve water supply in poorer nations to cut plastic use, say experts

New plant-based bottles will degrade in a year ‘all-plant’ drinks bottles

Bombe toxique : Effets des plastiques sur la santé

Choice Market to Remove Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles From Stores by 2021 - CStore Decisions

6 month postponement… – Race For Water

Scientists create mutant enzyme that recycles plastic bottles in hours

Researchers create water-degradable plastic combining starch and cellulose

The alarming impacts of microplastics on the marine environment

Emerging Technologies to Advance Research and Decisions on the Environmental Health Effects of MPs

Low tide, high on trash: New study identifies flow of plastic into the sea

Race for Water, in the city of China, on the Japanese island of Okino-Erabu!

Autonomous Draper Drone to detect microplastics in the water

Ishigaki, here we are !

Plastic Health Summit 2019 - Race for Water report

Race for Water’s stopover in China postponed to August 2020

New $100 million+ VC Fund Aims to Solve the Ocean Plastic Crisis in Asia

Retailers initiatives fight plastic pollution !

China moves to phase out single-use plastics | China | The Guardian

New technology for WEEE plastics recycling


More than 8 BILLION tonnes of plastic produced since 1950s and most of it is landfill or litter

Plastic Gets a Do-Over: Breakthrough Discovery Recycles Plastic From the Inside Out

For some corals, meals can come with a side of microplastics

Hong Kong : ACT Department Report – Race For Water

100% of Water Samples from 9 European Rivers Contain Microplastics

In Indonesian waters, filter feeders can ingest dozens to hundreds of microplastic particles every h

Aldi plans to replace 12.5 million single-use plastic bags each year

ACT #5 - Toxic Bomb : Plastics Manufacturers

Australian recycling technology aims to handle all plastics

Norwegian Cruise Line to eliminate single-use plastic water bottles from its fleet by Jan. 1 2020

Bioresins for biodegradable plastic packaging

Official Welcome in Hong Kong – Race For Water

How to Find the Microplastics in Your Seafood (Video)

Plastic Health Summit 2019 - Plastic Health Coalition

Results of the scientific mission realized between Tonga – Fiji at the end of 2018 – Race For Water

New Report: Laundry Releases Trillions of Plastic Microfibers Into the Ocean

Act in Malaisia – Race For Water

Palawan, a picture postcard… – Race For Water

Ships are Illegally Dumping Plastic Trash at Sea, Study Suggests

A Radical Plan to end Plastic Waste

Tracking Your Plastic: Exposing Recycling Myths (Marketplace Video)

JPI Oceans Partners and Brazil Fund 5 International Joint Projects on Microplastics in the Ocean

Official Welcome to Palawan – Race For Water

Finnish Researchers Develop Biodegradable Plastic Substitute Made From Spider Silk

Introducing DFF: Biodegradable Plastic Made from Waste

New Study Reveals Four Billion Particles of Microplastics in Tampa Bay Waters

Could Recreating Freshwater Lakes Help Trial Plastic Alternatives?

Crucial to Educate Children on 'Fight' against Plastic Pollution

Introducing Tiny Magnetic Springs Capable of Melting Microplastics into Nothing

WHO calls for more research into microplastics and a crackdown on plastic pollution

Scientists Find Microplastics Deep in Arctic Ice (Video)

Indonesia rolls up its sleeves to fight plastic pollution – Race For Water

This Company Makes Food Packaging From Recycled OceanBound Plastic

Coca Cola Brand to Reduce Plastic Waste with Innovative Packaging Made From Recycled Materials

Microplastics Impacting Lake Tahoe, One of the Cleanest Water Bodies in the World (Video)

ODYSSEY #98 - Indonesia : Bangun plastic village (part 1)

Researchers are Studying How Concerned We Should Be about Plastics in Our Drinking Water

New Study Finds Microplastic Throughout Monterey Bay

This Video Explains How Contact Lenses Pollute Oceans after Failed Wastewater Treatment

Exposing the Scandal of Illegal Export of Plastics in Indonesia – Race For Water

These Amazing Inventions in Food Packaging May Lead to a Better Future

New Filter Device to Keep Plastic Out of Our Oceans

Bali is plastic bag, straw and polystyrene free

Jakarta – Indonesia – Act 2

Two Young Scientists ​Engineer ​Bacterium that ​Breaks Down ​Plastics ​(Video)

The Foundation is exposing! – Race For Water

Where does your plastic go? Global investigation reveals America's dirty secret

Technology to Tackle Plastic Pollution Being Trialed in the Pacific (Video)

Indonesia – Act 1 – Race For Water

Human Consumption of Microplastics Now Detailed in the Latest Research

The Future of Recycling: Urban Waste Is Becoming a Resource (Video)

The Longest Livestream Ever to Show a Plastic Wate Bottle Decompose over 450 Years

Malaysia sends back plastic waste

The Dangers of Microplastics in Freshwaters

A Plastic Pollution Solution Hiding in Plain Sight (Video)

AMICi mission (Accumulation of MIcroplastics in Coral Islands) in New Caledonia

This Project Explain Occurrence and Fate of Microplastic in the Marine Environment

#NoPlasticChallenge: Can You Live Without Plastic for Two Weeks?

Governments Agree to Treat Plastic Waste Like Toxic Pollutants

Level of Plastic Waste in Oceans is Alarming: Here's What's the World Bank Doing About It

Breakthrough Discovery Could Lead to 100% Recyclable Plastics

Another Take on Bioplastics: Are Biodegradables Even More Dangerous than Fossil-fuel Materials?

Water in an Urban City-Free Hong Kong of Plastic Bottles (TED Talk)

New York State to Ban Plastic Bags

Young Inventor Designed 100% Biodegradable Replacement for Plastics (Video)

European Parliament Bans Single-use Plastic

Piling Up: How China’s Ban on Importing Waste Has Stalled Global Recycling

Veolia Joins Forces with the Largest Food Company in the World to Fight Plastic Pollution

Dead Whale Found with 40 Kilograms of Plastic Bags in its Stomach

Wastepreneurs: Beating Plastic Pollution While Creating Jobs in South Africa

PE, PP and PS among The Most Abundant Type of Microplastics in Mediterranean Coastal Waters

Nanocoating Technology Harnesses Sunlight to Degrade Microplastics

This Startup Developed a Biodegradable Bottle Which Melts Away If It Ends Up In The Ocean

NUS Marine Scientists Find Toxic Bacteria on Microplastics Retrieved from Tropical Waters

Scientists Discover a Better Way to Make Plastics out of Sulfur

Millions of Tons of The World’s Plastic Waste Could be Turned Into Clean Fuels (Video)

Microplastic Contamination Found in Common Source of Groundwater, Researchers Report

Determining the Composition of Microplastic in Water

An Innovative Identity Blockchain Solution – Race For Water

BWT Supports Extreme Athlete Ernst Bromeis on his Swimming Expedition for Environmental Protection

Two skips of rubbish collected on the Wailoaloa Beach Clean in Fiji – Race For Water

Industry alliance sets out $1bn to tackle oceans' plastic waste

No More Plastic Waste: Nestlé to Make 100% of its Packaging Reusable

What Should We Do About Single-use Plastics? Tackling the Growing Problem of Trash We Can’t Recycle

The Ocean Cleanup Suspended as Device Breaks Down in Pacific Ocean

The Race for Water Odyssey receives official welcome to Fiji

Engineering Students Create Solution for Hawai‘i’s Microplastics Problem

Black Plastic Is Everywhere And It Doesn’t Get Recycled, Here’s Why (Video)

Great Pacific Garbage Patch: Ocean Cleanup device breaks

The January 1 plastic ban, and doing your bit to save the planet

Marine Debris Study Counts Trash from Texas to Florida

Microlyscs Has a Better Alternative to Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles

Sustainable "Plastics" Are on the Horizon

Study Shows that Plastic Waste Disintegrates into Nanoparticles

Scientific mission in progress … – Race For Water

Second meeting of UNEA Expert Group Meeting - Progress on Plastics newsletters

He swam from Japan to Hawaii and at times saw a piece of plastic in the ocean every three minutes

The Kingdom of Tonga opens its doors to us. – Race For Water

UCSC Chemists Develop Safe Alternatives to Phthalates Used in Plastics

Job opportunity in oceanography at DOP University of the Azores

Study Shows How Mussels Handle Microplastic Fiber

Billions of Nanoparticles Accumulate in Marine Organisms Within Six Hours

Race for Water Odyssey docks in Apia

First results of the two JPI Oceans Microplastics Projects Race for Water hosted in 2017!

This App Tells You Where to Find the Closest Tap Water So You Can Ditch Plastic Bottles

Dead sperm whale in Indonesia found with 6kg of plastic in stomach

Presence of ​Textile ​Microfibers in ​South European ​Marine Floors ​

Mauruuru and Nana French Polynesia!

SodaStream - Shame or Glory (Game of Thrones)

A Huge Mystery About Ocean Plastics Remains Unsolved

Microplastics Detected in Humans for the First Time


Bora Bora : Implementation of the BIOGREEN 300 ? - Race For Water

Our Ocean 2018 Bali live streaming

Plastic Oceans: MEPs back EU ban on throwaway plastics by 2021 | News | European Parliament

Ridding Our Waters of Plastic Waste With Jellyfish Filters

Plastics now commonly found in human stools

Race for Water on stopover in Bora Bora

This is Why Philippines is World’s Third-largest Ocean Plastic Polluter

Trump Signs Save Our Seas Act to Protect Oceans From Trash | Care2 Causes

Plastic is a problem, but it can be part of the solution

Freshwater ​Insects ​Contaminated by ​Microplastics ​in Rivers

Papeete, here we are! – Race For Water

This school year, help us turn the tide on plastic | UN Environment

Mama Piru has rejoined her ancestors. – ODYSSEY

Everything You've Been Told About Plastic Is Wrong – The Answer Isn't Recycling

What A Waste 2.0 : A Global Snapshot on Solid Waste Management to 2050

Two more giant plastic ‘garbage patches’ may have just been found in the ocean

The ​Ocean Cleanup ​Launches to the ​Great Garbage ​Patch

The municipality of Rapa Nui and the Race for Water Foundation have signed a MoU

Diego Alonso Valverde Labarca’s scientific missions draw to a close – ODYSSEY

The Fate of Plastic in the Oceans: Microplastics Aggregate with Natural Particles

Only three of 75 ocean sampling sites in Volvo Ocean Race free of microplastics

Govt to track microplastics in ocean using AI device - The Nation

Scientific missions aboard Race for Water – ODYSSEY

The Environmental Cost of Contact Lenses

As Microfibers Infiltrate Food, Water and Air, How Can We Prevent Future Release?

Effects of ​Carbon and ​Silicon ​Nanoparticles ​on Marine ​Microalgae

France to introduce plastic packaging tax

Production of methane and ethylene from plastic in the environment

Why Compostable Plastics May Be No Better for the Environment

Soil Bugs Munch on Plastics (With VIDEO)

Material Formed from Crab Shells and Trees Could Replace Flexible Plastic Packaging

Microplastic ​in Lakes –​ Great Lakes ​Case Study

How Can We Make Plastic That's Easier To Recycle?

Tracking Down Microplastics

Seattle Proves Itself an Environmental Leader in Enacting Plastic Straw Ban

Starbucks to Eliminate Plastic Straws Globally by 2020

How To Sample ​Micro Plastic (VIDEO)

BPC 2018 - EESP Panel Discussion

New Sustainable Beverage Tech Could Eliminate Plastic Bottles

Mumbai Bans Plastic Bags and Bottles

13 Bioplastic ​Innovations ​That Might Save ​the Environment

Presidential visit: the Race for Water team welcomes aboard the Chilean President

Japan Passes Anti-plastic Law But With No Sanctions For Polluters

Who is to Blame for Marine Litter?

Improving Nature’s Tools for Digesting Plastic

EU Parliament to Phase Out Plastic Water Bottles

Wastewater treatment plants are key route into UK rivers for microplastics

Race for Water embarks on a new study: the plastisphere

6IMDC Proceedings

António Guterres (UN Secretary-General) on World Environment Day 2018

Nanoplastics and Aquatic Food Chains

Survival kit to use the Water Guardian Experts Platform

Plastic ban: Europe plans to phase out plastic cutlery, straws and more

Ontario ​Invests in ​Bioplastics

Peru : The curtain falls on a packed stopover, full of promise for the future – ODYSSEY

Europe’s Bottled Water Industry Signs up to Major Plastic Goals

Recycling Styrofoam to Activated Carbon Which is Used for Most Water Filters

UK Launches New Research and Innovation Hub to Tackle Scourge of Plastic in our Seas and Oceans

Milk-based ​Biodegradable ​and Water-​soluble ​Plastic

Solar Impulse Foundation and UN Environment Call on All Innovators to “Beat Plastic Pollution”!

Highest microplastics levels found during ocean race

UK supermarkets launch voluntary pledge to cut plastic packaging

10 Cities and Countries Confronting Plastic Bag Pollution Head-On

How Plastic-eating Bacteria Actually Work – a Chemist Explains

New Plastic-munching Bacteria Could Fuel a Recycling Revolution

Race for Water Odyssey, 1st year: Scientific appraisal and perspectives  – ODYSSEY

Greener Way of Making Plastics!

Thesis defense including toxicity assessment of microplastics in fish cell lines and pro-larvae.

The Race for Water Odyssey celebrates its 1st anniversary!  – ODYSSEY

Sharp Drop in Plastic Bags Littering UK Seas after 5p Bag Charge

Garbage-collecting Aqua Drones and Jellyfish Filters for Cleaner Oceans

What We Know and What We Don't Know About Plastic Pollution in the Ocean

Time to Change the Conversation About Plastics

Breguet Embarks on a New Odyssey with Race for Water – ODYSSEY

Tackling Microplastic Pollution in Europe's Rivers

Pacific Plastic Dump Far Larger Than Feared: Study

Global Garbage Newsletter

Deploying Satellite Technology to Tackle North Sea Plastic Pollution

Plastic Fantastic – Researchers Turn Plastic Pollution Into Cleaners

Flash Floods Found to Send Massive Amount of Microplastics from Rivers to the Sea

Krill's plastic digestion skills 'mind-blowing' for Australian scientists

Solar-powered Project Prints Sanitation Solution to Plastics Problem

Taiwan Commits to Banning Plastic Items by 2030

Small Plastic Pollution on SA Beaches

EPHEMARE Stakeholder Workshop - February 21st 2018

A 5-year voyage to tackle plastic pollution | UN Environment

Race for Water at Sixth International Marine Debris Conference

Online Tools ​and Multimedia ​Could Help Turn ​the Tide on ​Marine Litter

73% of Deep Water Fish Ingested Microplastics

Cleaning ​Invention ​Reduces Plastic ​Garbage, Carbon ​Footprint and ​Consumer Prices

Scientists Watch Ocean Plastic Hotspots Form in Real Time

Race for Water approaching the Panama Canal

Exposure to Chemical Found in Plastics ‘Hard to Avoid’ in Everyday Life

Microplastics threat to ocean giants

EU Measure Demands Rise in Public Fountains to Cut Bottle Waste

Corals Like the Taste of Plastic

Race for Water sets sail from Guadeloupe bound for Panama City!

Plastic Waste: Network of Water Refill Points Aims to Tackle Problem

Circular Materials Challenge winners announced! - New Plastics Economy

Poster presentation at the Workshop Polymers & Oceans 2018!

Bahamas To Ban Plastic Bags

Upcoming Spanish Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

EU Sets 2030 ​Target for ​Recyclable ​Plastic ​Packaging ​

EU mulls introducing new tax on plastics - EUROPE plastics tax plastic waste • Polyestertime

Biodegradable, Bluetooth-connected Tap Water Filter Wants to Reduce Plastic Bottles

Fishing nets are turned into Jenga blocks to help save the ocean

'Shark' prowls V&A waters on the hunt for poisonous prey

Edible Water could Help Reduce Plastic Pollution

Vanuatu bans non-biodegradable plastic to protect ocean life

Bluewater Joins the Volvo ​Ocean Race to Help Turn the ​Tide on Plastic

Happy New Year 2018!

Microplastics Found in Mussels from the Arctic to China

Plastic Waste Can be Used for Decontamination of Water

Germany recycles more than any other country

Stopping Plastic Pollution with the Power of Bubbles

In Conversation with Serge Pittet from Race for Water

UK to devote foreign aid money to fighting plastic pollution | UN Environment

23 Global Garbage Newsletter 14 December 2017

22 Global Garbage Newsletter 21 November 2017

We breathe in up to 130 bits of plastic a day

Marine Organisms Can Shred a Carrier Bag Into 1.75 Million Pieces

High-tech Cleanup for Plastic Pollution in Rivers

UN members vow to tackle 'ocean Armageddon' plastic problem

Presentations of the 2nd JPI Oceans conference

Let It Glow! ​The Sparkly ​Environmental ​Enemy

This Biodegradable Plastic Bottle Is Made Out Of Waste

Eating Cups Made Of Seaweed?

Volunteers sort through waves of marine debris collected from Hawaii's shores

‘Lost’ 99% of Ocean Microplastics to be Identified with Dye?

Emerging Technologies Could Greatly Reduce Plastic Waste

Hans Peter Arp's testimony about the Race for Water scientific platform

The Skimmer: The Latest on Ocean Plastic in Just a Few Minutes | MEAM

UK Considers Tax on Single-use Plastics to Tackle Ocean Pollution

Plastic waste and Marine wildlife

New, Biodegradable Water Filter Can Help Our Plastic Bottle Crisis

‘Acknowledging we can be part of the solution is first step’

EU Testing Way to Use Sun to Break up Plastics in Wastewater

Metsä Board opens registration for international packaging design competition - RTGE

Can Fungi be a Viable Plastic Replacement?

Is a Plastic-eating Caterpillar the Solution to Our Problems?

Polluting Plastics Die Hard

21 Global Garbage Newsletter 24 October 2017

2nd JPI Oceans conference

MIT Students Fortify Concrete by Adding Recycled Plastic

20 Global Garbage Newsletter 22 October 2017

Plastic Garbage Choking Our Oceans

India’s recycling industry is collapsing, ignoring it will land us in an urban nightmare

Better Managing Plastic Waste in a Handful of Rivers Could Stem Plastics in the Ocean

Ephemare scientists completed their microplastics sampling in Guadeloupe on board the Race for Water

19 Global Garbage Newsletter 13 October 2017

Ocean Sole - How to Turn FlipFlops into Art

Ocean Summit - Volvo Ocean Race is campaigning to Turn The Tide on plastics in the oceans

EU rules out tax on plastic products to reduce waste - EU tax plastic products waste • Polyestertime

Ephemare scientists already on board the Race for Water in Guadeloupe to collect microplastics!

JPI Oceans commitments - Our Ocean Conference Malta | JPI OCEANS

Water 3.0 Solves Problems of Microplastics and Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater

18 Global Garbage Newsletter 4 October 2017

Ocean Plastics ​Now Found in ​Arctic

Plastic Mini Gyre Hawaii

17 Global Garbage Newsletter 30 September 2017

Almost 300 Marine Species Hitched a Ride on Tsunami Debris from Japan to the US

UN Environment: Consultancy Opportunity Closing Today, September 28

Discussing Tomorrow's Plastics Stream Today - Plastics Recycling Update

The Race for Water Odyssey in Guadeloupe Begins its Grass-roots Action

Sea Salt Around the World Contaminated by Plastic

Global Brands are the Philippines' Biggest Plastic Polluters

16 Global Garbage Newsletter 26 September 2017

15 Global Garbage Newsletter 24 September 2017

Inside the World's Largest Plastic Bottle Recycling Plant

5 Amazing Products Made With Plastic Recycled From The Ocean

14 Global Garbage Newsletter 16 August 2017

Ad Creatives Prose Turning Growing Pile of Ocean Trash Into Country

French Start-​up Gets EU ​Funding for ​Milk-based ​Bioplastics ​

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Announces Fully Degradable Bottle

Danone Aqua-H&M Pact to Turn Plastic Waste into Apparel

Our Plastic Addiction is Out of Control. ​How can we Consume Less? ​

Plastic Waste: What Man has Wrought the Bugs try to Solve

"Zero-waste" Stores Put Consumers on Frontline in Fight Against Packaging

Plastic Fibres Found in Tap Water Around the World, Study Reveals

A Plastic Ocean Official Trailer

Adidas' Running Shoes Made Of Ocean Plastic

Collecting and Transforming Ocean Plastic

Ocean Life Eats Tons of Plastic—Here’s Why That Matters

A machine that might save the oceans ? – Race for Water Odyssey

The NOAA Marine Debris Program Awards Funding to Four New Projects to Research Marine Debris

The Race for Water Odyssey prepares for its arrival in the Dominican Republic

Use Your Phone to Take Action for a Clean Ocean | Project AWARE

Costa Rica wants to ban single-use plastics by 2021

Race for Water blocked by the tropical cyclone Harvey..

13 Global Garbage Newsletter 15 August 2017

Race for Water: Between Cuba and the Dominican Republic

Waste Away: Eco answers to the throwaway crisis

WEATHER-MIC microplastic sampling campaign in Cuba

Deposit scheme for plastic bottles 'could tackle waste in the oceans'

Plastic Awakening

What we learnt at the 2017 African Marine Waste Conference

Race For Water arrival in Cuba

First results of the Race for Water Odyssey 2015

The Norwegian Government steps up the efforts to turn waste into resources and reduce marine litter

Microplastics pollute seafloor sediments along South East Australian Coast

The Islands Of Hawaii Hold One Of The Dirtiest Places In The World

Clean-up boost: G20 discusses marine litter

Race For Water Hosts Plastics Colloquium

UN Competition Encourages Student Innovations to Tackle Plastic Wastes in the Ocean

12 Global Garbage Newsletter 4 July 2017

Race for Water hosts first JPI Oceans scientists in Bermuda

Race For Water Odyssey public presentation at the BUEI - 29th of June 7.30 pm (Bermuda time)

11 Global Garbage Newsletter 27 June 2017

10 Global Garbage Newsletter 22 June 2017

2017 PETCO Awards - PET-trepreneur

EPHEMARE 2016 executive summary

Ocean & Climate Platform - Head of Initiatives job

UN chief warns: Oceans are ‘under threat as never before’

Saving Moana

Happy World Oceans Day ! June 8


Global Garbage Newsletter



MIT researchers develop new way to clear pollutants from water

Ellen MacArthur Foundation & Prince of Wales's ISU launch prize to help keep plastics out the ocean

Kitting across the Atlantic

OpenIDEO is looking for innovators to solve the marine plastic problem

Project run by Wärtsilä and Seabin Project makes progress

Marine Litter MOOC - Coming Soon - Enrol now and start on 22nd May 2017

P&G’s Head & Shoulders Creates World’s First Recyclable Shampoo Bottle Made with Beach Plastic

SETAC 2017 - Pollutants sorbed on microplastics collected during the R4WO 2015 are toxic to fish

This boat shows the way to a clean energy future

Polyethylene bio-degradation by caterpillars of the wax moth Galleria mellonella

Cleanup Nets 50 Tons of Ocean Trash Near Hawaii

Thailand becomes first Asian country to join upcycling the oceans clean-up effort

JPI Oceans microplastics projects join the Race for Water Odyssey | JPI OCEANS

Australian draft plan aims to reduce marine debris

How big is Coca-Cola's plastic footprint?

Race for Water Odyssey departure

R4W solutions for oceans preservation

American Chemistry Council welcomes "Saving Our Seas Act"

Online Portal for Marine Litter

3 days of festivities in Lorient to celebrate the start of the Race for Water Odyssey


Sixth International Marine Debris Conference

New Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on marine litter

Surfrider launches its 23rd edition of Ocean Initiatives

Video captures moment plastic enters food chain

Scientists and engineers help turn ocean plastic into new products

NaturALL Bottle Alliance to Develop 100% Bio-Based Bottles

Indonesia Pledges $1 Billion a Year to Reduce Its Ocean Waste

The first Ocean and Climate Initiatives Alliance Meeting – Ocean & Climate Platform

AMSA advises on garbage management | GREEN4SEA

R4W participation to the Workshop for Water Ethics - 4th Interdisciplinary Colloquium, Geneva

New polymer could create win-win scenario in war against plastic waste

UN Declares War on Ocean Plastic #UNEnvironment

From Amcor to Dow to Veolia, what the 'New Plastics Economy' means

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Race for Water a member of the National Geographic Ocean Views blog once again

New Delhi Officially Bans Plastic Disposables to Help Curb Pollution in India

Sky Ocean Rescue

World's first recyclable shampoo bottle made with beach plastic

Unilever - 100% Recyclable Plastic Packaging by 2025

Bamboo's Boon: This entrepreneur's mission is to reduce plastic waste & make farmers independent

On Wings of Waste Takes Flight

Make-up products containing tiny plastic microbeads to be banned by Govt

A biodiversity agency, for a new relationship between humankind and nature

Fishermen net 1,000th tonne of marine litter

Tomra joins New Plastics Economy initiative

Derelict Crab Pots Killing 3.3 million Crabs Annually in the Bay

Michigan just banned banning plastic bags

European project addresses floating marine waste issue

European Commission, UN Environment step up cooperation to protect the world's oceans

Researchers estimate 10,000 metric tons of plastic enter Great Lakes every year

Estimated 1 455 tonnes of plastic floating in the Mediterranean

Global Plastics Industry Effort to Combat Marine Litter Grows in 2016

Edible Bags Are Helping Stop Plastic Waste In India

Interface wins 2016 Secretary of States of Award for CE in Sustaitnable Oceans Management

Phthalate pollution in an Amazonian rainforest

There's something fishy about this skateboard

Race for Water vessel as a scientific platform to conduct research studies on ocean preservation

This mushroom might be the solution to pollution and food shortage

Race for Water catamaran to be equipped with new hydrogen system

Greenpeace urges microbead ban to protect ocean life

Only a third of UK consumers' plastic packaging is recycled

Marine Litter Symposium 2016 in Tokyo

Fanning, the impossible island.

Microplastics’ impact on human health needs “urgent research”

Underwater robot discovers marine litter at every turn

California is the first state to ban plastic bags : 67 passed !

Animals eat ocean plastic because it smells like food

Adidas and Parley collaborate to create limited-edition ocean waste shoes

Canada moves to ban tiny plastics that accumulate in Arctic ice

Race for Water launches its second Odyssey

Illegal fishing threatens Easter Island’s natural resources

Project uses enzymes and bacteria to recycle PET, PU into bioplastic

New app helps scientists map riverine litter entering European seas

Is Recycled Plastic Waste the Road Material of the Future ?

Race For Water Foundation's programs overview and goals

K 2016: Slash global plastics production ‘to save the oceans’, says NGO

A camera that could study microplastics in the ocean

Dow Chemical, Tiffany & Co. join a rising tide for ocean cleanup

A new Race For Water Odyssey in the service of the oceans, science and energy transition

Fishing for Energy Adds New Port in Washington to Support Marine Debris Efforts

How orange peel is inspiring a new alternative to plastic packaging.

An amazing challenge : swimming for science across the Pacific: From Tokyo to San Francisco

Six billion plastic bags can’t be wrong – so what do we tax next?

Bill Gates, Total Invest $14M in Bioproduct Technology

The Ocean Cleanup will map the Great Pacific Garbage Patch from September 26 - October 7

Preliminary study finds Sundarbans free of microplastics | Dhaka Tribune

How far can the circular economy package take Europe? – 29 September 2016 – LIVE PANEL

Rivers feeding the Great Lakes carry lots of plastic, especially tiny fibers

France becomes first country to ban plastic cups and plates

IUCN World Conservation Congress Hawai'i 2016

The Anthropocene epoch: scientists declare dawn of human-influenced age

CHEC Human Ecology Journal n°27 on Waste

Annual report 2015 Race for Water Foundation

Edible food packaging made from milk proteins, instead of plastic ?

ByFusion turning ocean plastic into eco-friendly construction blocks

Carine for the Planet

We need a global treaty on plastics. Here's what it should look like

The Ocean's great garbage patches might have exit doors

Microplastic litter surging globally: study | The Japan Times

A sea of plastic along Spain’s Mediterranean coastline

San Diego approves ban on plastic bags

Up in the high Arctic at 78º North, Svalbard is not immune to plastic trash...

Monitoring of microplastics toxicity analysis on fish ongoing at EPOC Laboratory Bordeaux University

San Francisco just banned all polystyrene products in the city

France bans plastic bags, what about the rest of the EU?

Happy #WorldOceansDay everyone !!!


Follow-up on plastic pollution in Faial by Henrique Ramos

Postdoctoral position for Ephemare Project - ECIMAT, Vigo (Spain)

Plastic in our food chain!

The most isolated Water guardian on earth!

Marine debris ingestion and Thayer's law – The importance of plastic color

Feasibility of Ocean Cleanup Project Questioned - The Daily Catch

Maui and Lāna'i - Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

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Global Garbage Newsletter for February 9, 2016

Less plastic than expected in Tristan da Cunha

Platform User guide

Marine Plastic Pollution - Monitoring and Modelling

Global Garbage Newsletter for January 15, 2016

Water ATMs for tourists to check plastic waste

Scientists call for reduction in plastic lab waste

FIS - Worldnews - New method could boost marine plastic pollution assessement

UNEP's MOOC on Marine Litter - Sign up before November 16th

Conference on Marine Plastic Pollution December 4th, Paris COP21

Table salt has plastic in

"Mar sem Lixo - Mar da Gente"

COP21- Race for Water

Ocean Pollution: Race for Water Odyssey Demonstrates Widespread Plastic Pollution

Initiatives - Our Oceans Conference 2015

"Marine Science Youth Camp" - Cientificos de la Basura

Preliminary results of the Race for Water Odyssey

Video shows plastic pollution marring Gozo's Blue Hole

What's resin pellet? : International Pellet Watch

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Marine Litter

Race for Water Odyssey - Stopover in Koror

Race for Water Odyssey - Stopover in Shanghai

Race for Water Odyssey - Stopover in Guam

Race for Water Odyssey - Stopover in Hawaii

Race for Water Odyssey - Scientific Stopover on Easter Island

Threat to oceans from climate change must be key to Paris talks, say scientists

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