seaExpert, Fisheries and Services Consultancy, Ltd

seaExpert is a fisheries consultancy company with a working philosophy that highly regards the gained experience of its members and collaborators. With sound scientific academia at its core, the professional experience of each member, essentially acquired within the Portuguese and European context, enables seaExpert to provide an extenive, authentic and objective knowledge base of the complex shpere of fisheries, at research, technical, administrative and legal levels. 

Based on Faial island, Azores, seaExpert is composed of a group of professionals with academic background in Marine Biology and Fisheries, Zootechnical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Geography and Development. These diverse academic background endorse scientifically based experience in a wide range of issues pertaining to the halieutic domain, including consultancy and development of aquaculture projects within an insular framework, scientific and monitoring of fishing activities, development of new alternative sustainable and low impact fisheries, GIS tools for spatial analysis and fisheries planning, scientific surveys, revruitment, training and deployment of monitiring and scientific fisheries observers, fisheries data collection and anaysis, stock assessment and stakeholders decision support. Among its services, seaExpert also deal with the best high quality marine products, such wild and fresh fish caught by the Azorean handline sustainable and low impact fishing fleet, as well as the most exclusive sea algae for the high standarded required cosmetic cluster.