Race for Water Foundation

Race for Water Foundation


Created in 2010 , by Marco Simeoni , a Swiss entrepreneur passionate about the sea, the Race for Water Foundation is an organisation dedicated to the preservation of water and in particular our oceans. Through its expeditions, it studies and denounces the extent of the disaster of plastic pollution on ecosystems, while providing pragmatic and relevant solutions to prevent the plastic waste from reaching waterways.

In 2015 , Race for Water launched its first Odyssey to make global assessment of marine plastic pollution. The findings were clear: "plastic islands" do not exist. Only 1-3% of plastics remain on the surface. We are facing a veritable soup of toxic microplastics with catastrophic effects on the marine fauna and the entire food chain.

Race for Water Odyssey 2017-2021

With a second around the world 5-year expedition currently underway, including 35 stopovers, the Race for Water Odyssey's mission is to raise awareness, identify, promote and deploy local solutions for transforming plastic waste into energy.

This Odyssey takes place on board The Race for Water Ambassador vessel which is also a showcase for energy transition thanks to its combined solar-hydrogen-kite propulsion system.

At each stopover, Race for Water develops local actions according to its 3 programmes:

LEARN : Contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge on plastic pollution in water

SHARE : Alert decision-makers, raise awareness among the general public an educate younger generations

ACT : Promote and implement solutions with a sustainable economics, environmental and social impact

Urgent actions is needed to stop the flow of plastic waste reaching our oceans.


Your commitment to the Foundation is key to winning this fight against plastic pollution in our oceans.