Paolo Broglio, Ph.D in Applied Biology ( Biological Wastewater Treatments ) , M.Sc. in Environmental Science

Cover letter     

2017, 30th june      Milan ( Italy )



My name is Paolo Broglio, an Italian specialist in water and wastewater biological treatments. Since 1977 I deal with water. My MSc. thesis concerned the study of an alga endemic to an Italian lake (Lake Orta) and then my interests have moved to the "dirty water" systems and can be used to make it clear. I am a biologist ( M.Sc. ) with a specialization in applied biology and biological water treatment systems ( Ph.D ) but I’m also an engineer ( B.Sc.). My 70 scientific publications testify to a constant commitment to technology in the industry that include recovery of  the lakes through the withdraw hypolimnion, bioremediation/ bioaugmentation of soils contaminated with bacteria from oil, composting of the organic fraction of the waste, phytoremediation of polluted waters weakly. I am also a specialist in biodegradability of plastic that has been one of my great interest in recent years.

I was scholarship holder of the Italian National Research Council and later Head of Process of a large Italian Engineering Company (Passavant Impianti SpA)  specialist in the construction of large wastewater treatment plants (10,000 to 1,000,000 inhabitants / eq.). Within this company I have dealt with: Supervision,
Plannig ( especially in Process Design ), Maintenance and Management, Start of the plant.
From 1978 to 1985 I designed, supervised, initiated and managed more than 30 civil and industrial installations ( the biggest was in City of Prato a 500.000 inhabitants/eq: a chemical and biological plant for treat civil and textile wastewater). Since 1988, I became scientific director of a research center dedicated to the treatment of alternating applied research consulting to public and private industries. I have developed new and original wastewater treatment systems (eg bioflotation) and scientific equipment (eg OUR test). My latest "invention" refers to a biological system to break down nitrogen from animal manure in compliance with a European directive that restricts the use of manure in agriculture due to the high presence of nitrates in groundwater. I had teaching assignments at Italian universities (Contract Professor) for short periods. I have taught courses on: 1) Techniques of recovery of lakes; 2) Operation of wastewater treatment plants; 3) Design of constructed wetland systems; 4)  Biodegradability of plastics.

Today I am 65 years and would like to gain experience in UK, USA or Canada to Engineering Companies specialized in this field or to Universities which have Wastewater Treatment courses (BSc. MSc. or PhD ). I would be willing to transfer with my wife (to give the opportunity to be evaluated and assessed in my time). I know English well enough to work and / or teach but I would like to improve the knowledge of this language. I’m native speaker of French ( my mother  was ) and Italian ( my father was) so I have no problems with these idioms. Since November 2017 I am fully available. I’m  registered with the National Association of Professional Biologists and the Association of Consultants Specialists of the Court of Milan. I do not have foreign work licenses (eg. USA Register Managers/Operators Wastewater Treatment Plants).

I hope to have several collaboration proposals to be evaluated. Best Regards.


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