Marine Litter News - Asia Pacific Forum on Marine Litter (APML)

Marine Litter News - Asia Pacific Forum on Marine Litter (APML)

Hong, Sunwook.(ed.) (2017). Marine Litter News, Asia Pacific Civil Forum on Marine Litter, Vol. 8·Issue 1: 38pp, Tongyeong, South Korea.

This Marine Litter News delivers the recent efforts of the Asia Pacific Civil Forum on Marine Litter (APML) members in collaboration with partners outside the region: China, USA, Vietnam, Korea and Australia.


List of their activities and research projects described in this report:

Free video game for children and teachers, Acuaticos designed by the "Cientificos de la Basura" from the Catholic University of the North in Coquimbo, Chile:

First Korea Marine Debris Conference held at Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST).

OSEAN/CSIRO is taking on the world's largest marine pollution survey, which started earlier this year. The study involve sampling plastic loads on land, in rivers, along coasts of the 20 countries predicted to be making the largest contribution to plastic pollution in the ocean, many of these countries are in the Asian region.

Addressing marine debris for a sustainable ecosystem in Ha Long City, recognized twice as a world natural heritage site by UNESCO.

Coastal Cleanup Statistic Analysis between China and the UK

Plastic waste crisis at Australian islands in Indian Ocean

Exploring a Closed Loop Cleanup

Let's Keep Hong Kong Clean - Hong Kong Cleanup Challenge - 1st December 2017

Navigational threat to naval ships by derelict fishing gear in South Korea: