There's something fishy about this skateboard

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There's something fishy about this skateboard

From fishy to funky - here's how Chilean company Bureo recycles unwanted fishing nets into skateboards and sunglasses.

Bureo board in Punta de Lobos, Chile

A Bueo skateboard in surfing haven Punta de Lobos in Chile. Discarded fishing nets make up 10 per cent of plastic pollution in the ocean. Image: Bureo.

A Chilean company is taking beachcombing to a new level. Not only is it cleaning up the oceans of plastic, it is turning the materials into sunglasses and skateboards. 

Bureo, a three-year-old business that turns discarded fishing nets into new products, has two models of skateboards, sunglasses, a partnership with activewear label Patagonia, and a recycling programme for discarded fishing nets in 20 communities spanning the entire coast of Chile.

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Sources:  by Hannah Koh, Wednesday 7 December 2016