The Foundation is exposing! – Race For Water

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The Foundation is exposing! – Race For Water

The Foundation is exposing!

Inspired by the universal exhibitions of the early twentieth century, La Mer XXL is an international, lively, spectacular and informative event combining industry, arts, technology, gigantism, immersion... Hundreds of maritime professionals will serve all publics in the Beaujoire Exhibition Centre. More than 100,000 visitors are expected.

As part of this exceptional event, the Race for Water Foundation has chosen to present as a world premiere the BIOGREEN®, an innovative solution that it firmly believes is effective in addressing the relative urgency of the environmental catastrophe that is affecting all our Oceans: plastic pollution.

Created in 2010 by Marco Simeoni, a Swiss entrepreneur passionate about the sea, the Race for Water Foundation is an organisation dedicated to the preservation of water and in particular our oceans. Through its expeditions, it studies and denounces the extent of the disaster of plastic pollution on ecosystems, while providing pragmatic and relevant solutions to prevent plastic waste from reaching waterways.

The Biogreen®, a local solution to a global problem

In anticipation of a circular plastic economy that is sustainable and environmentally friendly, Race for Water presents a realistic solution that, deployed on a large scale, can put an end to most of the contamination of the oceans from plastic waste.

We offer, in collaboration with the French company ETIA, a high temperature pyrolysis technology developed to transform all plastic waste into electricity. These units installed in containers can be installed close to inhabited areas and allow isolated communities, such as islands, to manage their waste management and their energy production independently. The income generated by the sale of electricity provides a source of remuneration to pay street collectors and a reduction in waste disposal costs. The value generated directly benefits local communities, be it on an economic, social or environmental level.




Race for Water is exhibiting in Nantes

As part of the MER XXL, the Foundation will have a space located on Terrace H where you can discover in operation in its container the BIOGREEN 130, a small demonstration unit allowing the transformation of about 50 kilos of plastic per day into electricity for a daily output of about 100 kWh.

In this space, you will also be able to find out about our three programmes: Learn, Share and Act. These programmes are essentially carried out through a 5-year odyssey around the world. Starting in April 2017 from Lorient (56), our revolutionary catamaran, whose sole sources of energy are the sun, the wind and water, has already made 18 stopovers, covered more than 23,000 miles, raised awareness amongst nearly 12,000 people (schoolchildren, decision-makers, government authorities, etc.) and welcomed 21 scientists aboard.

Mark your diaries!

The organisers of MER XXL have invited us to present the activities of the Foundation during two conferences:

Monday, July the 1stat 10:30 am: “The Race for Water Odyssey, innovative solutions to fight against the plastic pollution of the oceans” .
Mr Marco Simoni, President of the Race for Water Foundation, will present the different actions of the Race for Water Foundation.

Thursday, July the 4that 4pm: “The scientific missions aboard Race for Water, a focus on the AMICi mission in New Caledonia”.
Kim van Arkel, scientific advisor of the Race for Water Foundation, will present the various scientific missions hosted on the vessel Race for Water since the departure from Lorient in April 2017. A closer look at the most recent expedition that took place in New Caledonia with teams of IRD researchers in partnership with ADEME, the Caledonian Energy Agency and the Southern Province in New Caledonia. This mission named AMICi for the Accumulation of Microplastics in Corals aims to analyse the impact of microplastics and metals on the health of corals.

Practical information
Dates: from the 29thof June to the 10thof July (opening to the public).
Location:  Beaujoire Exhibition Centre – Nantes
Opening hours: from 10am to 7pm (nights until 10pm on Friday and Saturday)
Tickets: click HERE
Where to find us? Terrace H

Source: Race for Water