On Wings of Waste Takes Flight

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On Wings of Waste Takes Flight

' On Wings of Waste ' is an initiative of the pilot Jeremy Rowsell and Chris Clark to raise awareness about end of life plastic waste in our oceans and to highlight its potential benefits as a new source of fuel.

Jeremy’s solo flight from Sydney to Melbourne has proved that end of life plastic waste can be transformed into fuel to be blended with jet A1 fuel, using 10% of the fuel manufactured from plastic waste.


“After years of preparation and many ups and downs we’ve finally shown that the eight million tonnes of plastic dumped into the oceans each year can be put to good use. We blended 10 per cent of fuel manufactured by Plastic Energy with conventional fuel and the flight was a dream,” Rowsell reflected.

Owen Zupp - Friday, January 13, 2017


The ‘On Wings of Waste’ campaign aims to inspire people to recycle plastic waste and back the ‘10 per cent solution’.

More information on this flight project is available on their website at http://www.onwingsofwaste.org/

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