Microlyscs Has a Better Alternative to Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles

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Microlyscs Has a Better Alternative to Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles

CrazyCap is a portable water sterilization system for the S'well Bottle.

CrazyCap for your S'well® bottle with the advanced UVC LED light-ray technology by LG® will soon be featured on Kickstarter (Image Source: Microlyscs)

Microlyscs, LLC takes a better approach to address issues related to growing plastic pollution, especially single-use plastic water bottles. Traditionally, single-use plastic bottles have been the best way to get access to clean water. Due to the convenience and availability, many use them as their primary source for hydration. As a result, plastic waste is growing exponentially, i.e., a million bottles per minute, and managing this waste is becoming more and more challenging. These bottles end up in oceans, lakes, and even in people's backyards. At the current rate, the level of plastic particles in the ocean will exceed the number of fishes by 2050. It is abundantly clear that the reliance on plastic is wreaking havoc on the future of the planet. So, how can one avoid the need for bottled water and still have access to clean water easily and practically?

Microlyscs might have the perfect solution, and it is called CrazyCap. CrazyCap is a replacement bottle cap that converts reusable stainless-steel cola-style water bottle (such as S'WELL®, MIRA®, etc.,) into a powerful sterilization system. Using advanced UVC LED light-ray technology by LG®, CrazyCap emits ultraviolet light in the range of 278 nm wavelength, which is detrimental to bacteria, mold, algae, and viruses present in the water and the bottle.

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CrazyCap's powerful sterilization process kills up to 99.9999% of bacteria and mold, and up to 99.99% of viruses, without the need for replacement filters. Simply fill the reusable bottle from any water source, and in just two minutes one can enjoy safe and clean water. CrazyCap's auto-clean technology keeps reusable bottle clean and odor-free automatically when the bottle is not in use ensuring the bottle stays free of germs and smells fresh. Due to the efficient design of the CrazyCap, the battery can last up to 30 days on a single charge. CrazyCap is perfect for just about anyone, anywhere!

Microlyscs has completed the development of the CrazyCap and is now ready for mass production. CrazyCap will be available to pre-order on Kickstarter in mid-January 2019. Follow Microlyscs's Kickstarter campaign at Microlyscs.com.

Microlyscs, LLC is a startup founded in 2018 in Weston, Florida with a mission to solve challenges related to water quality and plastic pollution. With this technology, users will now have access to clean water from a clean bottle with the touch of a button.

Source: PR News Wire