Jakarta – Indonesia – Act 2

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Jakarta – Indonesia – Act 2

Race for Water began a long stopover in Indonesia in early June where the boat of the Foundation of the same name will stay for two months. First in the city of Benoa, in Bali, then in Jakarta.

The situation in Indonesia is dramatic in terms of waste management. Some sources estimate that 3.2 million tons of plastic waste is being dumped by Indonesia into the oceans. This is the country with the second largest discharge in the world.

After  China ‘s decision to stop being “the world’s waste dump” by cutting back on importing plastic waste from Western countries, imports of plastic waste in Indonesia increased by 56% in 2018… (source: Wikipedia article https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environnement_en_Indonésie- )

In parallel with the navigation between Bali and Jakarta, the ACT teams of the Foundation went to meet the local actors but also to “navigate” on one of the most polluted rivers in the world…

“Terrible!” Says Camille Rollin, “We have reached the city of Bandung, whose suburbs on the banks of the river Citarum have mostly no waste collection service, which means that waste mostly ends up in the river. Some residents collect on the water what they can resell and abandon what is worthless: flexible packaging, multilayered plastics, polystyrene etc… “Mr. Indra, who has set up a foundation to clean the river by engaging local communities, collects 3 tons per day with about 50 people. His goal: to allow his children and grandchildren to one day
see the river Citarum free of all waste.”


The stopover will begin with a press conference and the reception of officials on Friday, the 21stof June. A workshop on the theme “Transforming waste into energy” will be held on Tuesday, the 25thof June. Many school children are then expected on board from the 25thto the 28thof June.

The Race for Water catamaran will be on a technical stopover in Jakarta the whole month of July before lifting anchor in early August.

Source: Race for Water