Experts meet to reduce waste and prevent plastic pollution

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Experts meet to reduce waste and prevent plastic pollution

Preventing plastic waste will be the focus of an open virtual workshop for businesses in the Solent area today (19 April 2021).

The event, co-hosted by the Environment Agency, Greentech South and the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Sustainable Business Network, will feature insights, tips and case studies to help companies maximise resources, reduce plastic waste and prevent plastic pollution.

Businesses were invited to register for the workshop via Eventbrite or email to find out more.

Businesses will have the opportunity to discuss issues they face in-house and within supply chains, hear about sustainability and plastic reduction charterships and certifications, and offered support to tackle plastic pollution. They will also hear from speakers representing Business in the Community, Marwell Wildlife, the University of Southampton and Southampton City Council.

In the UK it is estimated that 5 million tonnes of plastic is used every year, nearly half of which is packaging. And the UK recycling/recovery rate increased annually until 2017 before falling back to 43.8% in 2018.

Environment Agency project lead Jonathan Harvey said:

More people have become aware of the negative consequences of our throw away economy in recent years, and consumers are showing a desire for a less wasteful culture.

Leading UK businesses have recognised the importance of challenging their own consumption and production activities. Many businesses want to tap into these changing consumer attitudes and do their bit to protect our planet by reflecting this in their product and services.

It is an opportunity to review and change business practices, innovate, and successfully achieve environmental ambitions, both within their own operations and their supply chains.

The workshop is being delivered as part of the Interreg Preventing Plastic Pollution partnership programme, which identifies and targets plastics hotspots from river to sea.

If you spot a serious plastic pollution incident contact the 24-hour incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.


More information is available on the Interreg Preventing Plastic Pollution partnership programme at: