Edible Water could Help Reduce Plastic Pollution

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Edible Water could Help Reduce Plastic Pollution

'Ooho' by Skipping Rocks Lab is an edible water bottle created out of 100% biodegradable brown algae that is an environmental-friendly alternative to plastic bottles. 

Ooho will revolutionise the water-on-the-go market. The spherical flexible packaging can also be used for other liquids including water, soft drinks, spirits and cosmetics, and our proprietary material is actually cheaper than plastic. 

These water balls are made of alginate which is an extract from brown seaweed.

Seaweed is readily available around the world so in the future their edible water can be produced locally rather than being shipped long distances, dramatically reducing the carbon footprint.

Seaweed is also fast growing. It’s something that is so renewable that it makes you wonder why we are using precious materials when nature provides materials that are so renewable. 

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