Australian draft plan aims to reduce marine debris

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Australian draft plan aims to reduce marine debris

The Australien Government has issued a draft threat abatement plan with strategies to reduce marine debris.

The draft contains six major objectives. It aims to:

• Contribute to the long-term prevention of the incidence of marine debris.

• Identify key species, ecological communities, ecosystems and locations impacted by marine debris for priority action.

• Conduct research to understand and mitigate the impacts of microplastic and plastic debris on marine species and ecological communities.

• Remove existing marine debris.

• Monitor the quantities, origins, types and hazardous chemical contaminants of marine debris, and assess the effectiveness of management arrangements over time for reducing marine debris.

• Increase public understanding of the causes and impacts of harmful marine debris, including microplastic and hazardous chemical contaminants, to generate behaviour change.

Source : by Kate Tilley, PlasticsNews

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